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The unique manufacturing, stabilization, and pre-load processes used by Pacific Resistor ensure that lifetime precision is maintained, surpassing MIL-PRF-26 and MIL-PRF-39007 requirements.

Axial Lead - Type A Specifications - Dimensions for both Coated & Molded Resistors
PACIFIC STYLE MIL-PRF-26 / 39007 Prefix U V Body Length Body Diameter Body Length ±.015 Body Diameter ±.031 AWG Inches ±.002 MAXIMUM RESISTOR VALUE MAXIMUM WORKING VOLTAGE
04A-.4.75.250 ±.031.078 ±.031.250.09024.0203.5K30
05A-.751.350 ±.031.090 ±.031.330.11024.0206.0K50
15ARW701.252.406 ±.031 .094 ±.031 .412 .115 24 .020 7.5K 75
20A-1.252.540 ±.031.110 ±.031 .550.115 24 .02010K100
20B-1.52.350 ±.031.156 ±.031 -- 20 .032 12.5K100
S1A-1.752.5.515 ± .062.145 ±.031 .490 .162 22 .02515K150
N1ARW6933.75.500 ±.063.188 ±.063 .535 .220 20 .032 20K200
1ARW79 /
33.75.560 ± .062.187 ±.031 .610 .210 20 .032 20K200
25A-44.5.800 ± .062.175 ±.031 .890 .210 20 .032 26K200
2A- ± .062.235 ±.031 .535 .270 18 .04020K200
3A-45.5.640 ± .062.235 ±.031 .656 .270 18 .04030K200
5.57.5 .875 ± .062.312 ±.031 .900 .312 18 .04075K400
7A-791.100 ± .062.290 ±.031 1.187 .312 18 .040100K600
10131.780 ±.062 .375 ±.031 1.825 .405 18 .040200K1000
55ACRW55791.375 ±.094 .469 ±.094 1.250 .470 18 .040100K600
56ACRW561012 2.000 ±.094.469 ±.094 2.000 .470 18 .040200K1,000
14A-15 2.450 ±.094.350 ±.094 - - 18 .0402,0001,000
100A-20 2.800 ±.094.350 ±.094 - - 18 .0402,0001,000



A and B types are designed for high reliability and efficiency these resistors are outstanding in their high-power dissipation with precision tolerances as well as their transient absorption capabilities.

The very high performance Type B subminiature axial resistors for Exceptional Power to Size Ratios and employ Solid Beryllium or Alumina cores.

Both A and B styles provide SUPERB RELIABILITY and ultra-stable performance under the most rigorous of operating conditions.

Both types have high transient over load capacity and can be specifically optimized for pulse applications.

Their precision, all welded construction results in exceptional strength, stability, and reliability even under the most demanding, and extreme conditions. Pacific manufactures its resistors in America under Mil-Spec Quality Control conditions. Resistors are available in any resistance value up to the maximum listed.

Far Superior Pulse and High Temperature Tolerances to Film Resistors, which require massive amounts of heat sinking and low Temperatures to prevent self-destruction.

The availability of Non-Inductive and RoHS compliant styles, combined with Pacific Resistor’s fast deliveries on a vast choice of resistance values and tolerances adds up to increased flexibility for our customers.





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