Manufacturing high quality wirewound resistors for Military, Aerospace and Commercial industries since 1952.


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Pacific Resistor Company is in the business of manufacturing high quality wire wound resistors. Our entire product line is 100% "Made in America" and manufactured at our Tarzana facility.

Pacific Resistor Company is a QPL'd (Qualified Products List MIL-R-26, MIL-R-18546, MIL-R-93) supplier to the military. We are currently approved to ANSI/ISO 9001 by some of our Aerospace Customers and working on AS9100 registration for the near future. We are known for our very high quality control standards and have a "Dock to Stock" status with many of our commercial and aerospace customers.

Our product line includes (but not limited to) the following types of resistors:

Surface Mount
Chassis Mount
Molded and Coated
Axial Lead
Radial Lead
Resistor Networks
High Power
Low Power
Custom Networks
Temperature Sensing
Plus Custom Designed Resistors manufactured to your specific needs and/or drawings.

Links to our catalog datasheets are available below. There are options for both HTML and PDF versions for each resistor style:


Surface Mount Established
Reliability Resistors
Type SER
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PDF File Coming Soon... Type PSM - PDF file