Manufacturing high quality wirewound resistors for Military, Aerospace and Commercial industries since 1952.


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Pacific Resistor has been manufacturing high quality wirewound resistors for Commercial and Military applications for over half a century. Our products can be found in numerous Missile Guidance & Missile Defense Systems, Military Aircraft, including Air Force One, Ground, Sea, and Airborne Targeting, Threat Warning and Data Acquisition Systems, Onboard Systems and Controls for Naval ships and Aircraft Carriers to Submarines, the Space Shuttle, the Space Station, as well as a variety of other programs and applications. We are currently approved to ANSI/ISO 9001 by some of our Aerospace Customers and plan on AS9100 certification in the near future.

We are a QPL'd OEM for many MIL-PRF-26 series resistors, which includes RW55, RW56, RW68, RW69, RW70, RW74, RW78, RW79, RW80 and RW81 part number prefixes. In addition, we are QPL'd for many MIL-PRF-18546 series resistors, which includes the following part number prefixes: RE60, RE65, RE70 and RE75.

Pacific Resistor Company manufactures several lines of high precision wirewound resistors as well. We are now on the MIL-PRF-93 QPL for part numbers with the following prefixes: RB52, RB53, RB54, RB55 and RB56. Our commercially marked high precision wirewound resistors can be manufactured with resistance values ranging from .1 ohm to 30 Meg ohms, tolerances ranging from 1% to .002% and temperature coefficients ranging from 1 PPM to 30 PPM. Pacific Resistor also manufactures temperature sensing precision resistors in the range of +100 PPM to +6000 PPM. Like all of Pacific Resistor's parts, the high precision resistors have excellent long-term stability, superb reliability and accuracy, and are manufactured to meet or exceed MIL-PRF-39007 qualifications.

Pacific Resistor's lead times are typically three to four weeks and expedited deliveries are available upon request. Also, on custom resistors our minimum order requirements are lower than you would expect. We look forward to any suggestions on how we may be of service to you presently or in the future. Please contact our sales department for further assistance at (800) 835-3355.


Pacific Resistor Company | About Us: Facility Description
Company Description | Facility Description

Pacific Resistor Company is located in beautiful Southern California, just a little north of Los Angeles. Tarzana is on the west valley floor of the San Fernando Valley. We designed and built the 15,000+ square foot manufacturing/corporate offices facility here in Tarzana around 1968. Since our building was designed to our very specific needs, we are able to manufacture and ship from the same location. We maintain an office and production staff of approximately 40 highly trained and qualified individuals. We were previously located, for approximately 16 years, in the West Los Angeles area.

Quality Control Department: Our highly rated quality control department is located adjacent to the corporate office staff. This maximizes the communication between engineering, sales and production. We also have a designated climate controlled final inspection area for precision resistors.

Production Line and Raw Material Stock Department: The major portion of our building is devoted to our manufacturing/production area. It is a large open area with various quality control inspection stations along the production line. At each inspection station each, and every, individual resistor is inspected and tested to very rigid in-process quality control standards.

Machine Shop: We have our own in-house, fully equipped, machine shop for any special requirements.

Shipping Department: We have a fully equipped shipping department to meet all of our customers personal needs. Our final inspection on every order prior to being shipped ensures a smooth transaction.